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How To Lose 20 Pounds Fat In 1 Month?

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weight loss

Weight gain is a problem faced by a large population throughout the entire world. Several products that claim to decrease your weight quickly come at the price of some serious side effects. You should focus on loosing extra fat rather than just loosing extra weight. The best way is to adopt a set of life style and dietary changes that can decrease as much as 20 pound of your body weight within a month .This method is natural and has got no serious side effects. To lose weight you must follow the some instructions:

How To Lose 20 Pounds Fat In 1 Month?

weight loss

Calculate your total caloric intake and total calories consumption.

Calculate your basal metabolic rate i.e. the total amount of calories that your body burn under normal condition, say it is 3000. If you do some physical activity e.g. mild exercise, then multiply 3000 with a factor of 1.4. It comes out to be approximately 4200 calories. It means your daily requirement is 4200 calories. In order to lose 20 pounds of weight in a month, you will have to cut at least 1000-1100 calories each day by extra exercise or by adopting a better diet plan.

Exercise regularly as exercise helps improve blood circulation and helps get rid of extra fat.

Avoid adding extra calories into your diet e.g. don’t use saturated animal fats for cooking, use plant oils instead. Avoid use of cheese, butter etc.
Adopt a diet plan that helps burn fat:
Make use of garlic in your food.
Add ginger in your daily diet.
Use plant oils, like olive oil, for cooking purposes.
Eat fruits and vegetables rich in fibers.
Drink green tea as it helps burn fat.

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Cranberry Juice For Weight Loss – Here’s How to Lose?

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The cranberry has been gaining space and generating a lot of curiosity in people. Do you know what changes in health the consumption of fruit brings? Here, you will discover the main benefits of cranberry and have your questions answered. Understand what cranberry is, if it helps you lose weight, its nutritional table , against indications, side effects and its uses in disease prevention. Can reviews for organifi green juice give you trust behind the daily boost of energy and youth?


Cranberry Juice For Weight Loss

  • Both blueberries and red berries are an ideal source of natural antioxidants to consume in juices, smoothies and smoothies.
  • With this detox slimming juice recipe you will learn what fruits to mix to make a refreshing drink that will help you eliminate toxins from your body.

The cranberry juice diet you can drink at breakfast daily


1 unit of Orange
1 slice of pineapple
1 small glass of red berries or blueberries
1 tablespoon of Honey (optional)

Steps to follow to make this recipe:

1. The first step in preparing this weight loss drink is to list the ingredients . As in any recipe with fruit, it is always better to use natural fruit but if not, you can use canned pineapple. The pineapple stalks we will use for decoration.

2. Squeeze all the juice out of the orange. We count one orange for every two glasses of blueberry juice to lose weight.

3. Next, cut the pineapple into small pieces and bring all the ingredients to the blender . If you use natural pineapple remember to discard the heart of the fruit. You can also add ice and make a frozen smoothie or sorbet .

4. Crush at full power until all ingredients have been integrated. Some red fruits, like blackberries, have small seeds so it is best to check that everything is well crushed before serving. If you think it lacks some sweet you can add a tablespoon of honey to the preparation.

5. Serve the blueberry juice to lose weight cold at breakfast along with a vegetable sandwich with egg or if you prefer sweet, some oatmeal crepes .

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Acai berries good for your health

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You’ve heard a lot about acai berries lately. For example, there is the acai berry diet for weight loss. What exactly are acai berries? What are the benefits of consuming acai berries for health? Can they really help to lose weight quickly?

The acai berry palm belongs to the palm species and is mainly found in South America. The berries are actually the fruits of the palm and are small berries with a blue or purple / black color. Acai berries were already popular in South America and in the Amazon, before they became known in other parts of the world. Because it has recently been claimed that the acai berry diet ensures that you can fall off quickly, acai berries are currently the most popular fruits in the world. You are now wondering what acai berries are, what they have for health benefits and what the acai berry diet is. Below you will find the answers to these questions.

What are Acai berries?

Acai berries are small fruits that grow on the acai palm. These berries are said to be closely related to blueberries and cranberries. The berries can not be eaten directly from the palm. They must be processed and are usually drunk in the form of juice. The berries contain two powerful antioxidants, such as anthocyanins and flavonoids, which are essential for performing various functions in the body. They help our body with cell renewal.

What do Acai berries do for health?

The consumption of acai berries has numerous health benefits. The following are some of them:

    • It helps in the treatment of sleep disorders and vision problems.


    • You get more energy and the stamina improves.


    • Acai berries drain toxins from our body.


    • They support good heart function.


    • Acai berry juice inhibits inflammation and slows the aging process.


    • They improve your immune system.


  • It is claimed that acai berry juice causes weight loss.

Acai berry and weight loss

As you have already read above, one of the most popular benefits to the acai berry is that they cause weight loss. The anti-oxidants in these berries improve and stimulate the metabolism, making weight loss possible. They would also reduce the fat percentage in our body. In addition, they would suppress the feeling of hunger, resulting in less eating.

Where to buy

After reading these numerous health benefits, you are now wondering where you can buy these acai berries. If you look for fresh acai berries, you will only be able to find them in South America. However, you can sometimes find them frozen or dried in the freezer or the shelves of the supermarket. It is easier to buy the acai berries in juice form. This is available almost everywhere. In addition, acai berries can be found as nutritional supplements.


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In general, it means that you have to check which foods you can buy the best.

Did you know that 100 years ago about 50% of our income went to food? Nowadays that is only 15%. With that you can actually conclude that our present-day groceries are very cheap.

Despite the fact that groceries actually do not cost a lot of money compared to the past, there are still ways to save on this. Cheap weight loss is also certainly a solution in times of crisis.

Here are tips that can help you with cheap weight loss.

1. Look for cheap siege for bread

There are enough types of siege that are not expensive, which you can use for a long time and yet be healthy. In peanut butter do not have to sit so many unhealthy substances. The fewer ingredients, the healthier the peanut butter. Apple syrup is also very healthy, although you might well expect that. No sugars have been added here. There is also a lot of iron, which is good for you.

2. Avoid ready meals

Ready meals may look very healthy, but appearances can be deceiving. Because these meals must have a long shelf life, many preservatives have been added. In addition, there are often sauces to the food to taste. These sauces are often full of bad calories, so the meal is not so healthy anymore. These meals are also often very expensive. If you buy the ingredients separately, you often lose half the money.

3. Buy fruit and vegetables in the season

It looks like there are no seasons at all when you walk in the fruit and vegetable department in a supermarket, but if you keep a close eye on the prices, you’ll see that there are definitely seasons to be. When you look at a tray of strawberries of 500 grams, it costs 4 euros in winter. In the summer, the same tray is 2 euros and tastes even better.

In addition, a kilo of vegetables is generally cheaper than a kilogram of fruit. Fortunately, because a healthy lifestyle includes a lot of fruit, but even more vegetables. There are also a lot of vegetables from which you can choose. Cheap and yet healthy vegetables are carrots, cucumbers and almost all leafy vegetables. Leaf vegetables are very healthy and help you lose weight.

Also visit the market, because vegetables and fruit are often cheaper and even fresher.

4. Season food with herbs

Nowadays we use all sorts of sauces from bags, packages or jars to flavor our food. But it often contains a lot of added sugars and other unhealthy ingredients. We have forgotten how to season our food with herbs. Did you know that herbs are very cheap and healthy? Try to use fresh coriander, ginger, garlic or basil in your food.

5. Stop drinking soft drinks

Soft drinks are not only expensive, they are not necessary for our body at all. In fact, they are very unhealthy. The only reason we buy and drink soft drinks is that it tastes so good. This is mainly due to the many sugars in it. Replace all your soft drinks with (tap) water. Water is super healthy and cleanses your body.

6. Moderate with meat

Meat does not necessarily have to be unhealthy and fattening, but meat is often quite expensive to compare with other food. Try not to eat meat every day, but replace it with beans, legumes, tofu or nuts. These are full-fledged meat substitutes, which are a lot cheaper than meat.

7. Do not use diet or slimming products

Many diets have nutrition from their own brand. These are specially designed for the diet and should help you lose weight. This may not seem so expensive, because you do not have to get a lot of groceries in the supermarket, but the opposite is true. These diet products are often so expensive that you quickly spend twice. Cheap weight loss is so far with this method. In addition, these diet and weight loss products are often not as healthy as the producers claim.

8. Do not throw away food

This means that you must properly estimate how much food you need to prepare. This way you are less likely to have food left. If food is left over, try to keep it in the fridge or in the freezer.

9. Sports do not have to cost

a lot of money A sports subscription is often not cheap. Yet it is possible to exercise very cheaply. When you have good shoes, so you can walk outside and round go running or find a jogging track. In the summer you can go swimming at a lake or in the sea. And if you already have a bike, you can cycle a lot. If you prefer to stay indoors, jumping rope is also very effective. Cheap weight loss through movement is therefore possible for everyone.

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