weight loss

Weight gain is a problem faced by a large population throughout the entire world. Several products that claim to decrease your weight quickly come at the price of some serious side effects. You should focus on loosing extra fat rather than just loosing extra weight. The best way is to adopt a set of life style and dietary changes that can decrease as much as 20 pound of your body weight within a month .This method is natural and has got no serious side effects. To lose weight you must follow the some instructions:

How To Lose 20 Pounds Fat In 1 Month?

weight loss

Calculate your total caloric intake and total calories consumption.

Calculate your basal metabolic rate i.e. the total amount of calories that your body burn under normal condition, say it is 3000. If you do some physical activity e.g. mild exercise, then multiply 3000 with a factor of 1.4. It comes out to be approximately 4200 calories. It means your daily requirement is 4200 calories. In order to lose 20 pounds of weight in a month, you will have to cut at least 1000-1100 calories each day by extra exercise or by adopting a better diet plan.

Exercise regularly as exercise helps improve blood circulation and helps get rid of extra fat.

Avoid adding extra calories into your diet e.g. don’t use saturated animal fats for cooking, use plant oils instead. Avoid use of cheese, butter etc.
Adopt a diet plan that helps burn fat:
Make use of garlic in your food.
Add ginger in your daily diet.
Use plant oils, like olive oil, for cooking purposes.
Eat fruits and vegetables rich in fibers.
Drink green tea as it helps burn fat.

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