Double Edge Safety Razors have existed for more than 100 years and were used a lot in the past. In today’s fast-paced world, most men shave electrically or with a razor with interchangeable blades. Only the real purists who take all the time for a real shaving experience now use the classic razors. But lately, more and more men are seeing the light.

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What is a safety razor?

Muhle-R89A classic razor is fully called a double edge safety razor. The name says it all: it is a classic razor with a knife that is sharp on both sides. That in contrast to the single blade blades that are only sharp on one side. In the past, these double edge safety razors were the standard, before the exchangeable razor blades with sometimes 4 or 5 blades came on the market.

Why should I use a classic razor?

There are several reasons for choosing a Safety Razor over the popular Gillette razors or for example Wilkinson.

1. Save costs: derby bladesIt is no secret that the Gillette or Wilkinson blades are not very cheap and need to be replaced regularly. The double edge blades used for a safety razor cost just a little more than 1 euro for 5 copies. In addition, these blades shave on two sides, so they also wear less quickly.

2. Smoother shaving: The double edge safety razors are often thinner because they contain only one knife. This makes it easier to sharpen difficult surfaces.

3. Better shave: Probably the most important reason for the avid users is simply a smoother result. The knife is closer to the skin and can therefore give a better result.

But many men are often afraid to cut themselves with a classic razor and think it takes much more time.

How should I use a safety razor?

Yes, learning to shave well with a classic razor takes some time. It is an art that you have to teach yourself. First times are often not quite as expected or fall against and there is shaving with a safety razor no exception. So have patience and you see that it is paid out. Checkout Lextron Corporation for some safe and proper shaving tips.

1. Do not apply pressure: Safety razors are not razors that need pressure for a smooth shave. The more pressure you exert, the greater the chance that you cut yourself. The safety razor should gently glide along your face and smooth the stubborn stubble without too much pressure.

2. Growth direction: Shaving right AngleIt is important to know the growth direction of your beard. Everyone is different and different parts of your beard can grow in a different direction. So always shave with the direction of growth and shave with an angle of 30 degrees. Start slowly and make short strokes. Although double edge safety razors are sharp on both sides, do not shave back and forth, because that results in wounds or irritation.

3. Tight skin: These classic razors shave best on flat, tight skin. So use your free hand to tighten the skin tightly so that the knife glides smoothly over it.

4. Choose the right knife: There are several double edge razor blades that you can put in a safety razor. These double edge razor blades have different sharpnesses ranging from 1 to 5. When you start, do not choose the sharpest blade.

5. Rinse regularly: Although the razor shaves on both sides, it is important to rinse off the knife or keep it in the water after a few large strokes. That prevents your razor from becoming blocked.


Although it requires more work and practice, there is no shave as smooth as with safety razors. Certainly in the beginning it may take a bit more time, but once you get the taste it does not take much more time than shaving with your Gillette or Wilkinson.

Your girlfriend or wife will also be grateful if you shave with such a stylish knife, because your face has never felt so smooth and it is also not that expensive. So they happy and you happy. Good luck!

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