We all want a full, solid bosom. But the truth is that a large proportion of the women sooner or later have to deal with hanging breasts. What does that have to do with it? And more importantly: what can you do to weak breasts?

When are there pending breasts?

Hanging breasts are available in many different degrees. Doctors often use Regnault’s scale to indicate subsidence (ptosis). On the picture above you see a breast without ptosis from left to right, with ptosis grade 1, ptosis grade 2 and finally ptosis grade 3.
Every pair of breasts is different. One woman has big breasts, the other small one. The shape is also diverse: round or pear-shaped.

Most breasts start around, like a kind of apple shape. As we get older, this round shape is declining and the breast will become more pear-shaped and unfortunately will often go too far.

We speak of hanging breasts when the majority of the breast is no longer upright and the nipple (largely) points downwards.

In the case of flaccid, drooping breasts, the balance of the breast is disturbed. This means that there is too much skin and too little volume, or a combination of these.

How is it that breasts hang?

The fact that the shape of your breasts changes through the years is no more than logical. Breasts change over time, whether we like it or not. Did you know that your cup size can change six times in your life? The change in shape and size can be related to age, pregnancy, weight fluctuations and hormonal changes.


As we age, the amount of collagen and elastin in the skin decreases. In the face this causes skin sagging and wrinkles, in the case of breasts this manifests itself in reducing volume and hanging the breasts. We can do little about this; nature determines.


Many women complain about their breasts after having a child. This is unavoidable. Around the third day after giving birth, breasts will take place – whether you breastfeed or not. This influx of blood and lymphatic fluid to the glandular tissue in the breasts causes the breasts to be large and painful for a short time. Is the stowage over? Then the glandular tissue will shrink again. Unfortunately, fatty tissue has often disappeared, which causes the breasts to feel softer and softer. It is also a myth that breastfeeding affects the size and weakness of the breasts. Women who do not breastfeed can also have to deal with hanging breasts.

Weight fluctuations

Breasts consist for a large part of adipose tissue. Whoever falls off will shortly be given smaller breasts, because the fat tissue in breasts decreases and the fat cells shrink. On the other hand, this also works like this: when you arrive, your breasts grow in size, because the fat cells in your breasts then expand. Losing weight in a short period of time is detrimental to the firmness of your breasts. The elasticity of your breasts gets confused, which makes them hang out faster than when you lose moderate and dosed.

Hormonal changes

In a pregnancy, it is the hormones that throw a spanner in the food as far as the firmness of our breasts is concerned. But swallowing the pill or the transition can also cause drooping breasts. Hormonal fluctuations or changes are often closely related to the decrease of the female hormone estrogen. And let it be this hormone that is responsible for the elasticity of our skin and the firmness of the breasts.

Prevent hanging breasts: you can!

Although nature largely determines how our breasts look through the years, it does not mean that we can not enter into the fight against hanging breasts. The good news is that there is indeed something to do against hangbosten. How about breast exercises, healthy eating, wearing the right bra and caring for the skin?

Strengthen your chest muscles

Personal trainer Carlos Lens gives tips and exercises for firmer breasts.
Those who do the right breast exercises at least twice a week will avoid hanging breasts. Chest muscle exercises have a lifting effect, which ensures that the premature hanging of your breasts is prevented.

Swimming is a good way to strengthen your chest muscles, but also rowing and imprints are recommended. Prefer not to go to the gym? Push your palms together tightly, keeping your hands at chest height. Put your elbows out. Do this every day a few times for firmer chest muscles.

Healthy food

Where enough vitamins and minerals do wonders for the skin of your face, they also do this for your breasts. Hanging breasts simply have less chance by taking care of your body from the inside. Provide varied nutrition and ensure that you get enough vitamin A, B, C and E. These are responsible for an elastic skin and a strong breast part.

The right size bra

A too small cup size will pinch the breast tissue, too large a cup size does not support. To prevent hanging breasts, wearing a perfectly fitting bra is key. Have your measurements measured and invest in a sturdy, well-supportive bra.

Take care of your skin optimally

Put the delicate skin of your breasts in pampering by rubbing it well after showering. Choose a nourishing body cream that tightens the skin and keeps it healthy. Another golden tip: exchange the warm shower spray with cold water. This makes the skin of the breasts firm and absolutely prevents chest hangers.

An end to hanging breasts: choose a breast lift
By having the breasts lifted, there is an immediate end to hanging breasts. There are different forms of a breast lift:

The classic breast lift.

Hereby, excess skin is removed and the breasts are repositioned.
Read more about the classic breast lift here
The Breform breast lift.
With this treatment a kind of ‘bra’ is placed in the breasts that supports the breasts and lift.
Read more about the Breform breast lift here
The botox breast lift.
A fast breast lift where botox injections are inserted around the breasts.
Read more about the Botox breast lift here
A classic breast lift is ideal for women with a larger cup size . Even ladies who have lost a lot of weight in a short time, benefit from this type of breast lift, because the excess skin that remains after many kilos are lost is removed.

The Botox breast lift is actually very suitable for women with cup sizes A to C . The breasts of women with a large cup size are too heavy for this breast lift, so the result is barely visible.

With a breast lift you really put an end to hanging breasts, because the result of a breast lift is often permanent. Do you have a child wish or do you plan to lose (a lot)? Then it is advisable to wait with the breast lift.

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