There are numerous means to give your brain a boost. The very best thing is to stay unwinded and routinely take on challenges so that the circuits in the brain are preserved or produced. Do not expect to become an Einstein of a pill, but it can help to maintain or improve your intelligence. In addition to great nutrition, make sure enough rest.

Obviously, brain boosters

– Nuts: walnuts, cashew and almonds consist of omega-3, minerals and b vitamins.
– Fatty fish: salmon, herring and mackerel. Essential omega-3 for a great brain function.
– Water: keeps the body clean.
– Berries: very strong antioxidant action to keep the brain young.
– Herbs: cinnamon and turmeric make the brain clean and young.
– Green tea: consists of lots of antioxidants to keep the brain healthy.
– Eggs: really high quality proteins and a total spectrum of fatty acids.
– Avocados: Contains the good omega-9.
– Tomato paste: consists of the really strong antioxidant lycopene.
– Olive oil: omega-9 and numerous anti-oxidants.
– Broccoli: contains a lot of vitamin K and antioxidants.
– Spinach: contains a lot of chlorophyll and keeps the body clean.
– Pure chocolate – extremely abundant in magnesium and antioxidants.
– Coffee: really antioxidant rich. Take it in moderation.

Brainboost supplements

– Ginkgo biloba: very strong antioxidant.
– Vitamin B: vital for a clear mind.
– Vitamin E: keep the brain young.
– Vitmine C: lowers totally free radicals.
– Alpha lipoic acid: detoxifies and promotes memory.
– Choline: helps optimize memory.
– Selenium: supports the mind.
– Magnesium: stimulates blood flow in the brain.
– Huperzine A: Chinese herb helps versus Alzheimer’s.
– L-Carnitine: of course, supplies energy.
– Phosphatidylserine: assists with Alzheimer’s.
– Krill oil: red coloring of shrimps. Omega-3 and strong antioxidant.

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