10 Tips To Boost Your Brain

10 Tips To Boost Your Brain

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Bring your memory into a faster acceleration by stimulating and pampering your brain in a (delightful) way. Because the right nutrition can contribute to the optimal functioning of your brain. Here are 10 ways you can stimulate and pamper your brain


You do not have to train for the marathon, but walking 30 minutes every day is enough. Exercise causes important recovery processes in the brain. New brain cells are created and moving stimulates the growth of the connections between brain cells.

Eat blueberries

Blueberries are packed with antioxidants, which are important for knowledge gathering, coordination and memory. Blueberries are possibly the best brain food on earth because they strengthen the power of brain signals.

Challenge your brain by solving a puzzle. Even if you are not a puzzle-type, try Soduko or solve the crossword from the newspaper.


By giving the brain a break, you make it possible for your brain to recharge and prepare for new challenges. Five minutes of silent meditation is often sufficient.

Eat more Omega-3

Fresh salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are very healthy for the brain. Because people make Omega-3 fatty acids themselves, you will have to take them. Fatty sea fish such as mackerel, herring and sardines are also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Learn to knit

In the early days of school, we all learned to knit, often to the displeasure of many children. But knitting is good for fine motor skills and keeps your brain active. In addition, learning new skills is always good for the brain.

Learn something new

Our brains become lazy when they are not challenged! Challenge yourself and start learning a new language.

A good night’s sleep

The brain must also be able to process all information that they receive during the day. Provide a good night’s sleep so that the brain can relax optimally.

Lots of fun

A lot of laughter is good for your brain, not only does your blood flow faster and you transport more oxygen to your brain. The substance endorphin is also released during laughter. This fabric creates a pleasant feeling and relaxed feeling.

Use the other half of your body.

You are left or right-handed, so you can stimulate your brain very well by doing the daily activities with the other half of your body. Once a day, open the door with the left open if you normally do this with the right.

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What Causes Breast Formation in Males

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In this leaflet you will find general information about the possible causes and complaints of breast formation in the man (gynaecomastia) and the most common treatment options.

What is gynecomastia and how does it occur?

As a baby, both girls and boys have small clothes discs behind the nipple. Normally, these chatter discs disappear in the boys in childhood. During puberty, breasts develop under the influence of hormones in girls.

In boys it is also common that during puberty the breast glands start to swell under the influence of hormones. This is a normal response of the mammary gland to hormones. Usually the mammary glands swell on both sides, but it can also be single-sided. The enlargement that arises during adolescence usually lasts for a short time, but can also last more than three years. Visit my Website , gives a clear vision on gynecomastia treatments.

At the baby age and puberty, this mammary swelling in the man is ‘physiological’. That is, it is not abnormal, but a normal response is from the mammary gland to hormones.

What are possible causes of breast formation in men?

From middle age, the mammary gland in the man can also swell during aging. That too is considered physiological. However, other causes can also play a role in the development of breast formation in old age:

Side effect of certain medications
Reaction to metabolic alterations in liver and kidney disease
Change in the production of the hormones (too little production due to testicle, stress)
Swallowing of hormones
Hormone-producing tumors of testicles or airways.
Breast cancer in the man.
Usually, however, no cause can be found in non-physiological breast formation.
A mammary gland enlargement in male is usually felt as an elastic swelling of about one or two centimeters behind the nipple.

There can also be question of pseudo-gynaecomastia: the mammary gland itself is not abnormal, but due to fat deposits it seems as if breast formation has taken place.

How is breast development studied?

Your doctor may propose that you do additional research on you:

  • Physical examination of the breasts
  • Mammography of the breasts
  • Ultrasound of the mammary gland
  • Physical examination of the testicles
  • Ultrasound of the testicles
  • Blood collection to examine certain substances in the blood

When a malignant condition is suspected, a cell examination can be used after a puncture of the mammary gland tissue. A needle is then pricked with tissue to obtain cells.

Which complaints can cause breast formation?

  • Pain symptoms
  • Annoying eg wearing a backpack or suspenders
  • Cosmetic objections, that is to say that you do not find the gynecomastia fit with the body.
  • Worry

Which treatment is possible?

With physiological breast formation it is important that the doctor can reassure you and he / she proposes to wait a while to see how it goes. In the case of non-physiological breast formation, a treatment plan is drawn up depending on the cause. For example, if breast formation is a result of medication use, it is checked whether this medication can be replaced or whether you should stop using this medicine.

If the cause is not clear, an operation can be decided depending on the circumstances and the complaints. In this process, the glandular tissue is removed under the nipple. This tissue is examined by the pathologist’s anatomist. You will receive the results of this tissue examination if you go to the surgeon after 10-14 days after the operation.

Note: In the case of benign breast formation, the health insurer considers the operation as a cosmetic procedure. This means that you must submit an application to the health insurer to obtain approval for the procedure.

What Can You Do To Flabby Breasts?

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We all want a full, solid bosom. But the truth is that a large proportion of the women sooner or later have to deal with hanging breasts. What does that have to do with it? And more importantly: what can you do to weak breasts?

When are there pending breasts?

Hanging breasts are available in many different degrees. Doctors often use Regnault’s scale to indicate subsidence (ptosis). On the picture above you see a breast without ptosis from left to right, with ptosis grade 1, ptosis grade 2 and finally ptosis grade 3.
Every pair of breasts is different. One woman has big breasts, the other small one. The shape is also diverse: round or pear-shaped.

Most breasts start around, like a kind of apple shape. As we get older, this round shape is declining and the breast will become more pear-shaped and unfortunately will often go too far.

We speak of hanging breasts when the majority of the breast is no longer upright and the nipple (largely) points downwards.

In the case of flaccid, drooping breasts, the balance of the breast is disturbed. This means that there is too much skin and too little volume, or a combination of these.

How is it that breasts hang?

The fact that the shape of your breasts changes through the years is no more than logical. Breasts change over time, whether we like it or not. Did you know that your cup size can change six times in your life? The change in shape and size can be related to age, pregnancy, weight fluctuations and hormonal changes.


As we age, the amount of collagen and elastin in the skin decreases. In the face this causes skin sagging and wrinkles, in the case of breasts this manifests itself in reducing volume and hanging the breasts. We can do little about this; nature determines.


Many women complain about their breasts after having a child. This is unavoidable. Around the third day after giving birth, breasts will take place – whether you breastfeed or not. This influx of blood and lymphatic fluid to the glandular tissue in the breasts causes the breasts to be large and painful for a short time. Is the stowage over? Then the glandular tissue will shrink again. Unfortunately, fatty tissue has often disappeared, which causes the breasts to feel softer and softer. It is also a myth that breastfeeding affects the size and weakness of the breasts. Women who do not breastfeed can also have to deal with hanging breasts.

Weight fluctuations

Breasts consist for a large part of adipose tissue. Whoever falls off will shortly be given smaller breasts, because the fat tissue in breasts decreases and the fat cells shrink. On the other hand, this also works like this: when you arrive, your breasts grow in size, because the fat cells in your breasts then expand. Losing weight in a short period of time is detrimental to the firmness of your breasts. The elasticity of your breasts gets confused, which makes them hang out faster than when you lose moderate and dosed.

Hormonal changes

In a pregnancy, it is the hormones that throw a spanner in the food as far as the firmness of our breasts is concerned. But swallowing the pill or the transition can also cause drooping breasts. Hormonal fluctuations or changes are often closely related to the decrease of the female hormone estrogen. And let it be this hormone that is responsible for the elasticity of our skin and the firmness of the breasts.

Prevent hanging breasts: you can!

Although nature largely determines how our breasts look through the years, it does not mean that we can not enter into the fight against hanging breasts. The good news is that there is indeed something to do against hangbosten. How about breast exercises, healthy eating, wearing the right bra and caring for the skin?

Strengthen your chest muscles

Personal trainer Carlos Lens gives tips and exercises for firmer breasts.
Those who do the right breast exercises at least twice a week will avoid hanging breasts. Chest muscle exercises have a lifting effect, which ensures that the premature hanging of your breasts is prevented.

Swimming is a good way to strengthen your chest muscles, but also rowing and imprints are recommended. Prefer not to go to the gym? Push your palms together tightly, keeping your hands at chest height. Put your elbows out. Do this every day a few times for firmer chest muscles.

Healthy food

Where enough vitamins and minerals do wonders for the skin of your face, they also do this for your breasts. Hanging breasts simply have less chance by taking care of your body from the inside. Provide varied nutrition and ensure that you get enough vitamin A, B, C and E. These are responsible for an elastic skin and a strong breast part.

The right size bra

A too small cup size will pinch the breast tissue, too large a cup size does not support. To prevent hanging breasts, wearing a perfectly fitting bra is key. Have your measurements measured and invest in a sturdy, well-supportive bra.

Take care of your skin optimally

Put the delicate skin of your breasts in pampering by rubbing it well after showering. Choose a nourishing body cream that tightens the skin and keeps it healthy. Another golden tip: exchange the warm shower spray with cold water. This makes the skin of the breasts firm and absolutely prevents chest hangers.

An end to hanging breasts: choose a breast lift
By having the breasts lifted, there is an immediate end to hanging breasts. There are different forms of a breast lift:

The classic breast lift.

Hereby, excess skin is removed and the breasts are repositioned.
Read more about the classic breast lift here
The Breform breast lift.
With this treatment a kind of ‘bra’ is placed in the breasts that supports the breasts and lift.
Read more about the Breform breast lift here
The botox breast lift.
A fast breast lift where botox injections are inserted around the breasts.
Read more about the Botox breast lift here
A classic breast lift is ideal for women with a larger cup size . Even ladies who have lost a lot of weight in a short time, benefit from this type of breast lift, because the excess skin that remains after many kilos are lost is removed.

The Botox breast lift is actually very suitable for women with cup sizes A to C . The breasts of women with a large cup size are too heavy for this breast lift, so the result is barely visible.

With a breast lift you really put an end to hanging breasts, because the result of a breast lift is often permanent. Do you have a child wish or do you plan to lose (a lot)? Then it is advisable to wait with the breast lift.

5 Reasons Why You Do Not Lose

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You decide to lose a few pounds. Eating less, living healthier, but in one way or another it just does not work out. Do you have no idea how that is? You may be doing too little.

1. Not enough Food

Did you eat much less? Those who suddenly eat very little, put his body in the ‘low-energy mode’. In the short term you lose weight, but your body becomes very economical with the available energy. If you then just eat again, you will immediately gain a lot. This creates the familiar yo-yo effect. The chance that you ultimately weight more than when you started losing weight is great. Losing weight is a matter of continuing to eat, but in a smart and healthy way.

2. Drink too little

There are people who think that drinking a few liters of water a day contributes to rapid weight loss. But that is a fable . Of course you have to drink enough. Some people confuse a feeling of hunger with thirst. By drinking enough you have a ‘fuller’ feeling and you will not be able to grab a snack or snack. It is of course important to drink water or tea instead of high-calorie drinks such as soft drinks, wine or beer.

3. Too little Sleep

Various scientific studies have shown it: too little sleep and restless nights indirectly contribute to weight gain. A sleep deprivation disrupts the high metabolism boosting hormones , with the result that you have more appetite during the day.

4. Too little Fat

Many people who try to lose weight stop taking fat. But a lean diet from which all fats have disappeared is not healthy. Your body needs good fats to make certain vitamins and hormones. Saturated fats , or ‘bad’ fats from biscuits, for example, can be missed, but good unsaturated fats from fish, avocados and nuts help you stay healthy.

5. Not Enough Exercise

The more you move, the better. That daily sports helps with weight loss is no news. Even half an hour of walking is already very good. When you start exercising, you often become heavier at first. Muscle tissue is in fact heavier than fat. Therefore, do not focus too much on the scale and your weight, but measure your waist circumference and waist circumference . It is possible that you become smaller, while you weigh the same or more.

How To Shave With A Classic Razor?

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Double Edge Safety Razors have existed for more than 100 years and were used a lot in the past. In today’s fast-paced world, most men shave electrically or with a razor with interchangeable blades. Only the real purists who take all the time for a real shaving experience now use the classic razors. But lately, more and more men are seeing the light.

So look at our shaving package . You can then purchase everything you need!

What is a safety razor?

Muhle-R89A classic razor is fully called a double edge safety razor. The name says it all: it is a classic razor with a knife that is sharp on both sides. That in contrast to the single blade blades that are only sharp on one side. In the past, these double edge safety razors were the standard, before the exchangeable razor blades with sometimes 4 or 5 blades came on the market.

Why should I use a classic razor?

There are several reasons for choosing a Safety Razor over the popular Gillette razors or for example Wilkinson.

1. Save costs: derby bladesIt is no secret that the Gillette or Wilkinson blades are not very cheap and need to be replaced regularly. The double edge blades used for a safety razor cost just a little more than 1 euro for 5 copies. In addition, these blades shave on two sides, so they also wear less quickly.

2. Smoother shaving: The double edge safety razors are often thinner because they contain only one knife. This makes it easier to sharpen difficult surfaces.

3. Better shave: Probably the most important reason for the avid users is simply a smoother result. The knife is closer to the skin and can therefore give a better result.

But many men are often afraid to cut themselves with a classic razor and think it takes much more time.

How should I use a safety razor?

Yes, learning to shave well with a classic razor takes some time. It is an art that you have to teach yourself. First times are often not quite as expected or fall against and there is shaving with a safety razor no exception. So have patience and you see that it is paid out. Checkout Lextron Corporation for some safe and proper shaving tips.

1. Do not apply pressure: Safety razors are not razors that need pressure for a smooth shave. The more pressure you exert, the greater the chance that you cut yourself. The safety razor should gently glide along your face and smooth the stubborn stubble without too much pressure.

2. Growth direction: Shaving right AngleIt is important to know the growth direction of your beard. Everyone is different and different parts of your beard can grow in a different direction. So always shave with the direction of growth and shave with an angle of 30 degrees. Start slowly and make short strokes. Although double edge safety razors are sharp on both sides, do not shave back and forth, because that results in wounds or irritation.

3. Tight skin: These classic razors shave best on flat, tight skin. So use your free hand to tighten the skin tightly so that the knife glides smoothly over it.

4. Choose the right knife: There are several double edge razor blades that you can put in a safety razor. These double edge razor blades have different sharpnesses ranging from 1 to 5. When you start, do not choose the sharpest blade.

5. Rinse regularly: Although the razor shaves on both sides, it is important to rinse off the knife or keep it in the water after a few large strokes. That prevents your razor from becoming blocked.


Although it requires more work and practice, there is no shave as smooth as with safety razors. Certainly in the beginning it may take a bit more time, but once you get the taste it does not take much more time than shaving with your Gillette or Wilkinson.

Your girlfriend or wife will also be grateful if you shave with such a stylish knife, because your face has never felt so smooth and it is also not that expensive. So they happy and you happy. Good luck!

Get Your Fitness Back Without Exercise

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Once again very popular this year: ‘more workout and healthier living’. So on to the fitness or sports club? In order to provide it back to you after a few weeks? We have a much better proposition that significantly increases your possibilities of success: simply make a motion part of your life! How do you do that? Below are ten simple tips to enhance your physical fitness and drop weight … more workout without exercising it is possible.

Gown your casual

Research studies reveal that you do approximately 500 steps during your work day when you use a simple set of jeans.


nerve Tendons day-to-day burn about 350 calories more than quiet types. Simply, by shuffling on their seats, strumming fingers or wobbling feet and legs. Likewise replace your workplace chair with a seat ball: you are constantly in movement to keep your balance.

Put music on

Research reveals that you do whatever much more dynamic when you pay attention to (energetic) music.

Cut the turf

Naturally you can leave this to the gardener or neighbor. However if you press the lawnmower yourself, you burn no less than 100 calories every 23 minutes. Do not have a yard? Then you can most likely drive down those of the next-door neighbors!

Go infant lifts

Do you have a child? Put it on top of you throughout your abdominal workouts, use it on your back when walking … This is how you effortlessly combine kids’s animation and workout!

Play computer game

No, this is not a joke! Play 41 minutes Nintendo GameCube Mario Kart, 24 minutes Dance Revolution Mario Mix or 13 minutes Wii Tennis … and you’ll burn 300 calories right away!

Consider the physical fitness

Even by simply considering a workout – for example, stretching the biceps – a third of the muscles in that arm gather.

Stand on one foot

While brushing your teeth, when you do the meals … Pull one foot up and position it with the foot sole against your lower leg. As you do this more, you can position it greater, versus the femur.

Go on foot

To the bakery, the post, the newsagent … Make it a practice for short trips in your neighborhood, and leave that car.

Stand right

Do you need to wait someplace? Do not rest on a chair or bench, however remain upright or walk around. Strolling fifteen minutes? Minutes 50 calories! Defend an hour? Minutes 120 calories!

And see your calories!

Did you know that 9,000 calories represent one kilogram of body fat? And that you just enjoy to swim for an hour (or 3 quarters of an hour) to burn the calories of a part of french fries?

Making pressure about your health is dangerous

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Being concerned about your health threatens. It causes stress and that is bad for your body and mind. View life rather from the intense side. Believe positive, laugh at, laugh and take pleasure in. You will discover: your health benefits. In this post you will read why fretting about your health is bad and how you avoid it.

Why is pressure on your health dangerous?

Do you appreciate your health something you do every day? Since you want to live so healthy? Do you constantly ask yourself whether you are consuming the best foods? Taking enough rest, making sure sufficient motion and such? Continuing with your health can put a lot of pressure on you. The need and prepared, feels like browbeating and offers tensions. Effect? You make yourself unhealthy rather than healthy.

After all, not only hard work and a lot of work causes stress. Anguish, aggravation, worry, anger, insecurity, inconvenience, grief, stressing and grinding are also very difficult. Does that take a very long time? Then that results in all sorts of grievances. From high blood pressure, muscle and joint pains to stand and digestive tract problems, tiredness and sleepiness. Ultimately, you weaken your immune system and increase the threat of inflammation, infections, cardiovascular disease and other serious disorders.

Therefore: stop fretting about your health. Take a look at the brilliant side of life.

How can you fret less about your health? 5 practical suggestions!

Your health is a great good. That you worry about it is not at all unusual. Nevertheless, how you approach and handle it is necessary. Below are a number of directly applicable ideas to make you more relaxed with your health, to feel much better in your skin and to experience more vitality.

1. Believe favorable

Are your ideas positive? Then you likewise respond much more positively. For example, a favorable idea can be: I am comfortable in my skin. Positive answer: since I consume healthier and exercise more! Do you believe adversely? Then you believe for example: Why am I not comfy in my skin? Response: Since I have actually sleuthed too much and did not exercise enough. So, are you a stone stressing over your health? Release and learn to believe positively. Ban negative thoughts. Believe favorable and ask favorable questions. With some practice you will quickly feel a lot better. Since, the energy flows where the attention goes.

2. Living healthier step by step

Do you wish to live much healthier? Pack your consuming, living and exercise pattern action by action. Do not throw the rudder totally in one go. By doing gradually, you gradually develop healthier routines that quickly suit your daily life and automatically become an automatism. That is a lot simpler than required and compulsive to work. That causes pressure and usually works detrimental.

3. Relative more

Being worried about your health is really difficult. Let it go. Due to the fact that, is not it much nicer and more fun if you make it less perfectionistic? Will not it be less heavy then? Shrug your shoulders when you consume a little less healthy and sport less. Do not be afraid, have fun and do not forget to enjoy your life. That definitely contributes to your health and your vitality.

4. Do not think anything, however look, taste, smell, feel and hear

Can you fret about your health? Put your senses to work and consider absolutely nothing at all. Live in the here and now and experience the minute. It is undoubtedly quite a job, however with the required practice you find that you can do it too. Are you being successful? Then you experience no pressure, but peace and even total silence in your head. Simply start. For example, with the cup of tea you drink in the early morning or the healthy smoothie you just made. It assists you to experience less pressure and relax.

5. Laugh frequently and often

H worry about your healthumor makes you laugh which is healthy. Because, when you laugh, your heartbeat boosts and the blood flow is stimulated. That then guarantees that your body removes tension hormones by producing the recognized useful compounds endorphins. Test it yourself. Laughing after just 90 seconds, the variety of joy hormones increases. So … get started. Laugh yourself healthy.

What To Eat To Get Healthy Skin

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Did you understand that what you consume has a genuine effect on the health of your skin? Due to the fact that of the high pace of today’s life, a lot of us are utilized to fatty meals, and meals that come from a bowl control the menu. It is not surprising that lots of people get obese and have unhealthy skin.

It is true that ladies are more concerned about how their skin feels and look. But some males, both straight and gay, do certainly draw in the health of their skin. If you wish to look good, you should consume well. You will not just get a healthy and young-looking skin, however also secure yourself against possibly dangerous illness triggered by an unhealthy diet plan.

Skin care not only cleans your face regularly and thoroughly apply moisturizing items to the skin such as Argan oil. (Just a tip, it’s best that you change to Argan oil as moisturizer because the parts of this oil, such as vital unsaturated fats, vitamin E, squalene and antioxidants, work marvels for your skin.) These skin care habits are extremely helpful in maintaining the health and youthfulness of the skin, however would be more effective with a healthy way of life and a healthy diet.

Fat and oily food – Stop yourself from ordering takeaway food or perhaps eating in junk food chains that serve fatty meals. Fatty and oily meals are not just bad for your skin, but also for your general health

Chocolate – Avoid eating too much chocolate. It contains a large quantity of fat, sugar and calories which is unhealthy. But the reason that too much chocolate is bad for your skin is since of the hormonal agent (from cows) found in chocolate and milk products, which responds adversely with the natural hormones that our body makes. The result is oily skin and spots.

Unhealthy food – Waste is never ever indicated to be consumed, however processed food is simply too good to withstand. If you can not completely eliminate the junk snacks from your life, then you must attempt to reduce their consuming. If you consume too much processed food you will acquire a great deal of weight and put your heart at danger of diseases. Not just that, you can wind up with an abundance of pimples on your face. If you question why processed food is bad for your skin, you should understand that chips, chocolates and other processed foods that you take are rich in hydrogenated fats where you body has problem in processing it. If the body consists of a lot of saturated fats, these fats will discover a method through the skin. This results in stopped up pores, oily skin and pimples.

Prevent the food discussed above and rather maintain a healthy and balanced diet. You must eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamin E.

Foods That Help Boost Your Brain Power

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There are numerous means to give your brain a boost. The very best thing is to stay unwinded and routinely take on challenges so that the circuits in the brain are preserved or produced. Do not expect to become an Einstein of a pill, but it can help to maintain or improve your intelligence. In addition to great nutrition, make sure enough rest.

Obviously, brain boosters

– Nuts: walnuts, cashew and almonds consist of omega-3, minerals and b vitamins.
– Fatty fish: salmon, herring and mackerel. Essential omega-3 for a great brain function.
– Water: keeps the body clean.
– Berries: very strong antioxidant action to keep the brain young.
– Herbs: cinnamon and turmeric make the brain clean and young.
– Green tea: consists of lots of antioxidants to keep the brain healthy.
– Eggs: really high quality proteins and a total spectrum of fatty acids.
– Avocados: Contains the good omega-9.
– Tomato paste: consists of the really strong antioxidant lycopene.
– Olive oil: omega-9 and numerous anti-oxidants.
– Broccoli: contains a lot of vitamin K and antioxidants.
– Spinach: contains a lot of chlorophyll and keeps the body clean.
– Pure chocolate – extremely abundant in magnesium and antioxidants.
– Coffee: really antioxidant rich. Take it in moderation.

Brainboost supplements

– Ginkgo biloba: very strong antioxidant.
– Vitamin B: vital for a clear mind.
– Vitamin E: keep the brain young.
– Vitmine C: lowers totally free radicals.
– Alpha lipoic acid: detoxifies and promotes memory.
– Choline: helps optimize memory.
– Selenium: supports the mind.
– Magnesium: stimulates blood flow in the brain.
– Huperzine A: Chinese herb helps versus Alzheimer’s.
– L-Carnitine: of course, supplies energy.
– Phosphatidylserine: assists with Alzheimer’s.
– Krill oil: red coloring of shrimps. Omega-3 and strong antioxidant.

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